Saturday, September 8, 2012

update: train bloopers

I take buses a whole lot, which is why you usually hear about the traumas of bus travel; however, today you get to hear about the traumas of train travel, which really alliterates much better anyway.  The same thing could happen on a bus, too (I'm sure I've mentioned it before), but it's one of those excruciating things that's really painful anew every single time it happens -- just missing a train.  And not only just missing a train, but just missing a train, waiting 15 minutes for the next one, and, upon its arrival, being so caught up in one's reading material that one doesn't notice the new train, reads right through it and missed train #2.  To add insult to injury, both trains 1 and 2 were the nice, clean, cushy kind.  Train 3 was not.

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