Friday, September 14, 2012

update: bus bloopers

Now this is a slightly complicated, but very real and practical problem.  Ahem.  Imagine if you will, a bus stop.  A reasonably sized bus stop where two buses can stop simultaneously.  Now also imagine a long line of people all running late on their way to work waiting impatiently in said line.  Now then.  Imagine that both buses open up their doors and people from the (very long) line (that stretches past both buses) immediately plunge themselves onto said buses.  Except some in the very long line realize they could run ahead and get on the first bus while others are waiting for the second.  So they do.  But alas!  The first bus gets full and does not let them board.  Now, though, they've moved up the pecking order.  And those who were patiently waiting for bus number two (which is also now full -- it was close, it was hard to tell which would fill up first) are actually in a worse off position than they were before because, instead of advancing forward in the line was their right, they are now stuck behind the hopefuls who dashed forward for bus one and (presumably inadvertently, but it's hard to be sure) stole their spot in line.

Like I said -- slightly complicated, but a very real and practical problem.  Particularly when you are already running late and have to wait an extra two minutes (you that's a small amount of time.  you're clearly a person who's always on time.) that means you're likely to have to catch the next bus in the city that's even later that means ... oh, draw your own conclusions.  I stand by it not being pleasant though.

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