Tuesday, September 18, 2012

quicko: word map!

Whoa, guys, this is seriously cool:  an Australian language word map.  (It so pays to be an English teacher!  Not financially, obviously ...)

It's not the most user-friendly map on the internet, but it's pretty exciting -- it's all about the different regional vocabulary uses in Australia.  You can search alphabetically or by region.  To give you the first example that caught my eye -- in the Sydney region (helpfully labeled #1 on the map), "American" refers to a special, 3-colored marble.  Not that I've ever actually heard that here, but there you go.  Seeing as my grandpa collects such marbles, I'm prepared to say it's highly accurate in etymology.

And Garry, if you're reading -- not one, not two, but three definitions of your very name!  Four if you count GaryWithOneR (but who does that?!).

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Garry with 2 Rs said...

Oh wow. They pretty much all fit too, except the American one. I'm probably not that.

The given definition of 'gammon' seems in order, although I've closed the window before I start wasting too much time going through and fixing all the errors that aren't really slang
English, but are really just indigenous language words being used around town.