Wednesday, September 26, 2012

update: bus bloopers

These are pretty much just par for the course, but they seem to be happening to me a bit lately, so just for the record:

--You can JUST miss the bus and know it.  For instance, you're walking up to the stand from the direction it's going to be going and it flies right past you.

--Alternatively, you can JUST miss the bus and not know it.  This one is a more devious option.  There you can be sitting, safe in the assurance that you're two minutes early, thinking that your bus is just running a few minutes late and will be here momentarily.  It's when it's been about 15 minutes, though, that you start thinking, actually, that bus must have been three minutes early.  And thus you wait a full half hour for the next scheduled one to come.  Cruel and unusual punishment!!  Particularly when you are transporting milk and in the afternoon sun.

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