Monday, September 3, 2012

quicko: $7 for a calendar

I was in a bookstore and saw they had calendars on sale.  2012 calendars.  In September.  Of 2012.  Granted, the pictures will still be pretty, but you can buy pretty postcards for 40 cents.  More importantly, what is the market for calendars in September like if they can charge $7 for one?  Is there a sudden influx of people every first day of fall (or spring, whatever) who suddenly gasp and realize with a pang that they have been living this whole entire year without a calendar, and rush out to buy one, whatever the price, and then gratefully (gratefully!) find calendars reduced to a mere $7?

Or perhaps there are chronic calendar crises?  I tend to think I, as one who keeps my calendar on my desk and legitimately uses it as a placemat every morning for breakfast, am in the minority, but perhaps I am not.  And if spilling tea on it at least once a week doesn't render mine unfit for the job (it cleans up quite easily, I assure you), I can only imagine that these other calendar-placemat-ers are terribly pristine about their property.

The is one contingent I have neglected, though:  the annual Benjamin Buttons.  Those, of course, who don't live their entire lives backwards, but merely individual years.  For these, running headlong into September is much more akin to running headlong into April.  Late for calendars, to be sure, but these annual Buttons are odd characters anyway, and I suspect they may be so stingy they cannot stand the thought of paying full price for. a calendar and are able to suffer through three calendarless months with the promise that awaits them of a beautifully new, reasonably priced calendar come fall (or spring, whatever).

Whichever your case, do not fear.  2012 calendars are here, and they are only $7.  Better hurry, though, before time runs out!


Andrew said...

I'm surprised there were any left, given it was such a bargain.

KIM said...

My thoughts entirely.