Saturday, September 1, 2012

quicko: spring!!!

There is a little bit of spring in my room and I'm so thrilled!
(And THANK YOU, Katie!!!)
As I'm sure I've mentioned before, the Australian seasons shift on the 1st of the month (a pinch and a punch, etc.) instead of the 21st, so it is officially spring here now.
Australians by and large tend to really despise winter (unless visiting real winter overseas, which they find a pretty awesome novelty), so the change in the air is palpable in terms of mood when it goes from winter to spring.  Everyone is happy and cheerful and optimistic -- and looking forward to a much better summer (ask them about it) than last year's.

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Mom said...

A definite sign that Spring is in the air, no matter what country one hails from. Daffodils do chase away the winter blues, even when they get covered by a late snowfall sometimes.