Thursday, September 27, 2012

quicko: help, i'm a tourist in sydney*

First off, this really isn't a problem.  In fact, it's a ridiculously good thing.  Let me help.

The most important stuff:
--the Opera House
--walk across the harbour bridge
--walk from Bondi to Coogee
--Watson's Bay
--ferry to Manly, then:
     --hang out in Manly (easy adventure)
     --walk to Shelly Beach (reasonable adventure)
     --walk to the Spit (harder adventure)

If you have enough time:
--add in a day trip to Palm Beach/the other northern beaches -- spectacularly beautiful beaches
--the Blue Mountains -- if you're a mountains person
--Featherdale Wildlife Park -- you can pet the koalas and let the kangaroos eat right out of your hand
--Taronga Zoo -- the most scenic zoo I've ever been too
--Royal National Park -- beautiful scenery
--Cremorne Point -- swim in the harbour pool!
--Cronulla Beach -- the Manly of the south side
--whatever current festival/event is on

*Again, this post is for my mother's friends.  Regular readers, please bear with us.  Mother's friends, please enjoy Sydney :)


Mom said...

Thanks, Sweetie. I think you and I have done just about all of those things when I was there, and I would recommend them all, plus the Rocks Markets and all the regular weekday stuff at Circular Quay (did I get that right?).

KIM said...

Oh, Mom, I think the "regular weekday stuff" at Circular Quay is nothing more than the token Aboriginal man playing the ... instrument I'm having trouble spelling just now. As long as you go to the Opera House via public transport, it's pretty much a given you'll see whatever there is to see there, though.

Mom said...

Well, there was the lady mime and the man painted like a statue, too, and I think maybe a few more here and there, too. Plus, the ibises, of course.