Monday, September 24, 2012

quicko: hungry jack's

Mondays have been really tough lately ... tougher than usual Mondays, for various reasons.  It isn't exactly the fact that they're Mondays, more that the wrong things keep happening on them.  Plus they are Mondays.  They're rather wreaking havoc in my life, which is my best excuse for why I've been eating so utterly poorly on them.  Looking back, I meant to write this post three weeks ago now, which means I've had a succession of 4 pretty rotten Mondays.  Well, I mean, I suppose it's all relative, but rotten for me.

The first one was so bad, though, that I had Hungry Jack's.  I must point out, I've been in Australia for over four years and it was my first time.  Surely that's saying something.  It all came down to bad timing, really.  I had somewhere to be at 5:30 that was going to eat up my evening solidly through to 10.  Having just caught up with a friend earlier in the afternoon, I was persuaded to give it a try.  It's nothing I'll be inclined to try twice.

I can't really remember what happened on the Monday after that (it must have been a shocker though) and the next on I had had such a rough day (gosh, what is happening me?!) I split a KFC meal with another friend.  Today it was leftover pizza and a candy bar.

Gosh, I really hope the rest of the week is better.  Salads and celery here on out ...

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