Sunday, January 17, 2010

useful tips: 101 ways to love your overseas friend or family member

#1. Care packages. Letters. Postcards. Phone calls. Skypes. Emails. Texts.

#2. Come and visit when she makes it anywhere in your home country. She's traveled a long way just to get there; you can manage the rest.

#3. Figure out the time difference on your own and simply say "can I call at 8 pm your time?" instead of waiting for her to mangle the math.

#4. Save a box of Girl Scout cookies in the freezer for her.

#5. Send pictures she can sticky tack up on the walls.

#6. Pray for her.

#7. Comment on her blog ... positively.

#8. Secretly deposit money into her bank account.

#9. Forgive her when she accidentally stands up your skype date.

#10. Come visit.

#11 - 100. Repeat #1-10 nine times.

#101. Don't forget her.


Mom said...

Especially with her birthday coming up soon. It takes some pre-planning to make sure the cards arrive on time from another continent.

KIM said...

YES!!! What a good mother I have! :) She even remembers my birthday when I'm far away!

Mom said...

How could I forget it? You are so clever with these subtle reminders!