Tuesday, January 12, 2010

quicko: warming up sandwiches

I'm not sure if this is common protocol in the U.S., but in Australia it's often that case that, if you order a sandwich -- one that you see, right in the front of the refrigerated section, one that looks great, perfect just the way it is -- you will suddenly find it whisked away while you stand idly by wondering what's become of it. Surely it doesn't take 60 seconds to wrap a napkin around it? What could they be doing to it? Removing the mayonnaise? A stray hair? The saturated fats? Just when you've run out of ideas of what they could possibly be doing it to, it emerges, sizzling crisply. And that's when you realize: they took it and grilled it. Without asking! And there you have it: a hot sandwich when you wanted a cold one.

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Anonymous said...

That kinds ruins the concepts of "cold cuts". Isn't it hot enough down there with out warm food.

But really, I do love a good toasted sandwich.

A random thought you might enjoy Kim, when I worked at the dining hall there was this British bloke would would always come through the line and order "toasted cheese and chips"