Wednesday, January 27, 2010

quicko: car names

Australian men tell me they don't name cars because it's girly. I, however, have it on extremely good authority that very masculine American males name their cars. Not only do they name cars, they also have been known to dedicate entire facebook albums to pictures of cars with the appropriate name (for example, Lola) under every single picture.


Dustin said...

Australian men are wrong (and girly). Naming your car assigns ownership. It's no longer "The car," it's "Your car." They are bad, and should feel bad.


Anonymous said...

My father, a manly man, has a Mustang named Sally and a Corvette named Ruby and he refers to them as such.
He built the mustang himself from the ground up. I've never ridden in it.

Garry with 2 Rs said...

Naming your car is girly.

American men name their cars.

I'll let you draw your own logical conclusion on this paradigm.

Anonymous said...

See "Monopoly Money" from September 24th blog. Oh yes, that's my American man ripping apart the indestructible Aussie Teflon money!