Tuesday, January 19, 2010

quicko: cots, cribs and bassinets

I think we've got similar ideas as far as bassinets go, but what Americans call a crib seems to be what Australians call a cot. Not sure what Australians call what Americans call a cot -- a spare bed for unliked relatives perhaps? As for them, Australians don't know what to make of the word crib.


Mom said...

I wonder if Australians think in terms of a feeder for wild animals when they hear "crib", as in "We saw a bear eating out of the corn crib"?

Sam said...

"Crib" is very much a nativity thing for me. However, I also understand the American usage of "cot" as in "You can sleep on the cot bed in the spare room" type of thing. Interesting!

Garry with 2 Rs said...

We have the word crib, but we really only use it when we're singing "Away in a Manager".

A spare bed for unliked relatives is called a ... spare bed.