Thursday, January 14, 2010

quicko: hypothermia

Here's a not-so-fun fact: in Australia, more people get first stage hypothermia in the summer than the winter. Why? Because the temperature changes so dramatically so quickly. You can leave your house thinking you're setting out into a blisteringly muggy day, only to find yourself shivering in a bikini on the beach hours later after you've got caught in a downpour and lost tens of degrees. Chilling, isn't it?


Mom said...

This isn't a tale from personal experience, I hope, but rather a grain of wisdom to adhere to.

Sam said...

Goodness me!! I had no idea but I can imagine this happening!! Did you know, dear Kimmy, that next week is going to plummet to 20 during the day and 11 at night!!! Crazy doesn't describe the Australian climate!!

KIM said...

Dear American Friends,

Sam means Celsius, not Fahrenheit. Roughly 68 during the day and 52 at night. I'll do my best to survive.


Mom said...

You will need your fuzzy purple blanket!