Sunday, August 12, 2012

wild, wacky weather

The weather in Sydney's been making a nuisance of itself this weekend.  Usually it sits around at 75 sunning itself  prettily, but it really got a bee in its bonnet about something recently.  I don't know who's offended it, but, gosh, I'd hate to be in his shoes.  Just being nearby seems to be bad enough.

Usually I don't complain about the weather (I tend to figure whatever happens happens ... why bother checking to find out?  If I look bedraggled enough, someone usually gives me an old, half-broken umbrella to borrow.  Besides, I tend to like rain and storms and snow.), so it's really more a sign of boredom that I bring it up.  Since my standard pace is flying madly around late for everything, I think the fact that I had an urge to floss my teeth (floss my teeth!  who gets urges to floss their teeth?!) speaks volumes.  Sufficiently busy people cannot possibly worry about such things.

Wow, do I sound discombobulated today or what?  Maybe it's because I haven't got my contacts in.  Throws everything slightly fuzzy, hey?  If you've never read my writing before ... trust me, I'm usually much better.  Don't know what's wrong with me today.  Going stir crazy I suppose.

Ah, yes, stir crazy.  Because not only has it been bad weather (oh that was what I was going to tell you about!  Sorry, on a tangent now, you'll have to hang on a couple paragraphs.), the bad weather is also making me sick.  Now, I'm not remotely a believer in the whole "the weather made me sick" when it's happening to anyone other than myself.  And as a caveat, it's not technically the weather in my case, but the unfortunately hideous heater.

The darling little heater probably no reader but my mother will remember because it came from way, way back in 2008 when I first started this crazy little blog and had no idea that a whole half dozen people other than my mother might happen to read it.  At that time, I was convinced the darling little heater didn't work at all.  However, my father came out for a visit a couple years back and informed me that it works just fine, it's just that it doesn't actually produce much heat.  Which, really, I could have sworn was the definition of "working" for a heater, but he insists it's not.

So, darling little heater and I have been trying to keep ourselves warm (neither succeeding), but one of us contributes very negatively to the air circulation in the room and the other of us is getting a cold.  I'll leave you to work out which is which.

Back to the weather.  So here's the thing:  it is cold.  Really cold inside.  I don't know what the temperature is, but it's not pleasant and requires like three layers at all times.  Kind of like a British house.  Besides being cold, it's also been tremendously windy.  I think I read the winds have been blustering away at something over 100 kph, which is ... roughly as fast you're allowed to drive on the freeway.

On Friday evening I was walking in Manly after dark and more freaked out than I've ever been walking in Manly before.  Not only was it dark and cold and enormously windy (that howling sort of disconcerting wind), there were no other people anywhere around.  It wasn't that late, but it was pitch black and, I learned later, they'd stopped the ferries.  (That high of winds!  They stopped my sweet little ferries!)  Usually there's a few stragglers coming off heading in my direction, but not this time.  Just Kimmy and the howling wind pressing through the darkness together until we arrived in a terrified little heap at a friend's door and came in of the cold, cold weather.

Nope, not a typo.  You thought I was going to say "in out of the cold, cold weather" huh?  Well, I was, except that that wasn't actually true.  It was just as cold inside as outside.  Of course inside there was another darling little heater and a couple of blankets and hot tea, but they unfortunately did not make a big enough difference that the preposition "out" was warranted.

And that's really the end of my story.  In summary:  cold, windy, bored, sick, discombobulated out.  Maybe the pictures will help make sense of this.  See the little yacht with its unfortunate incident? It's supposed to be tethered out on the open ocean with its other little yacht friends, uh oh!

Good gracious.  Really my writing will be better later.  It seems to have got a bug today too, sorry!

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Mom said...

Looks like it was a very blustery day when you were out and about taking photos this time. Spring can't be too far away, though, as we are starting to notice the geese flying in formation and the days getting shorter here.