Friday, August 10, 2012

review: a chorus line

So I just saw A Chorus Line at the Capital Theatre in (I just started to type London ... must be sleepier than I realized!) Haymarket (wow.  really, really not London) and thought I'd tell you about it -- especially because it closes Saturday (tomorrow Saturday!) so if you want to see it it's really your last chance here.  Of course, someone will be doing it again somewhere sometime soon I'm sure, but just in case.  That's why I went.

I had actually never seen A Chorus Line before and I'd been meaning to for ages.  It seems like the type that'd be better to see at a good sort of theatre than, say, a high school, so I was pretty excited to go.

I thought I'd have tons of comments for you about it ... but I don't.  It was a good show, no complaints, I liked it, it was about what I expected, the end.

I guess I can say it is a very American show and I do love going to very American musicals when overseas, though they end up making me all nostalgic and miss home.  I also think I got a few more of the jokes than the rest of the audience did, which always makes me feel good (particularly at a Tom Stoppard play ... but I just get proud of myself if I get any of the jokes there!), but that was just because they were American-y sorts of references.  Oh, and their accents were a bit off ... but they tried :)  The singing and dancing were great, though -- which, really, is why you go to see a show called A Chorus Line!

Oh, and ... sad fact.  The composer of it just died this week.  But, um, yeah ... his music lives on?  That's at least not as depressing of an ending to the post ...

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