Monday, August 27, 2012

quicko: purpose as a verb?

What are your feelings on "purpose" as a verb?  As in, I heard a sermon (in Australia) with the phrase "what God purposed you for."  I'm not sure this is a really an Australianism, but really more of either an idiosyncrasy or a new use that's becoming more accepted in English-speaking countries in general.  Frankly, I think the purpose of purpose is a noun sort of purpose, but maybe that's just me.


Laetitia :-) said...

The example you gave of the sermon sounds like someone who either doesn't know or doesn't care about good grammar. Perhaps they've been reading too many Rick Warren books and now have 'purpose' on their brain. What is God's purpose for us, BTW? To conform to the image of His son. :-)

Mom said...

It seems I have heard the word used that way, too. Or maybe it was something being re-purposed, as is recycled into something else useful. In any event, I think it may be a newer purpose of "purpose".