Wednesday, August 8, 2012

quicko: the outrageous price of ketchup

I was really put out this last weekend.  I was, as you may have gathered, away with friends and at one point stopped for lunch at a cleverly named but otherwise inept and frustrating fish and chips shop.  Aside from being unable to grill fish and still see fit to charge an arm and a leg, they had the gall to charge for ketchup!!  And not just charge for it -- charge $1.20 for it!!  They had tons of little tiny tubs pre-filled with ketchup (tomato sauce, I should say -- a similar, yet distinctly different tasting entity that's the closest I can find to ketchup here) and were selling them to go with your chips.

I had naked chips, just to spite them.

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Laetitia :-) said...

You're talking hose little things where when you squeeze the two sides together the sauce comes out a slit in the middle? - Yeah, $1.20 is ridiculously expensive for that much sauce. I keep a Tupperware mini-picnic salt and pepper shaker in my backpack in case I end up getting chips or something from place that doesn't supply enough salt for my taste at the time.