Wednesday, August 22, 2012

update: further bus bloopers

So now I've found the previous list of genuine, real-life, totally-happened-to-me bus incidents.

--Sneezed on.  (Different, of course, from the tactic of blowing your nose while others are boarding to discourage them from sitting by you.)

--Stepped on.

--Flailed all over the place in an attempt not to fall over while going around a corner.

--Stuck in the bunch at the front.  This one drives me absolutely berserk:  when there's a ton of people bunched up at the front of the bus and plenty (plenty!) of aisle space empty at the back of the bus, but no one takes it!!  What a selfish someone-or-other in the middle!!  To rub salt in the wound, it's even worse when the driver then stops letting passengers board (obviously, you're again running late in this scenario) because there's "no room."  When clearly there is.  Just someone in the middle won't let you have it!


Anonymous said...

ugh, people fall asleep on me on the bus way more often than I'd prefer (which is never). How hard is it to NOT fall asleep on someone on the bus??


Laetitia :-) said...

I soooo hear you. That last one really gets up my nose. I've taken to barging and shoving to get people to move - basically literally push everyone down the bus - in the past. I've normally found that the culprit is someone who fears that if they don't hog the space by the back door then they'll never get out, even though they don't have to get off until quite late in the journey; and they give you the blank look as if to say; 'Why would you want people to move down the bus?'