Tuesday, August 21, 2012

update: bus bloopers

So there have been tons more things going wrong for me with buses lately.  A small sampling:

--The bus you're on when you're running late and decide to stop and patiently make up its time (or let TONS of people on at Central.  That's my pet peeve lately, people at Central.  They ought to be done away with.)

--You can be waiting for a bus to take you to Wynyard at, let's call it Broadway, and a 412 and 461 (neither acceptable options) can stop and take up so much space that the 436 and 440 (acceptable options) that get stopped behind them can't/don't/refuse to see you signalling them and plow back off into traffic, thus making you miss two possible buses right in a row and then have to wait even longer until the 470 can make it in time to save the day.  (Love the 470.)

--It could be a morning.  A Tuesday morning.  I don't know why, but Tuesday mornings are by far the worst, and you can be waiting for a bus at Neutral Bay and they can just ALL NOT STOP and keep flying by with tons of passengers -- or some passengers but a predisposition not to stop, as some buses are -- as you keep watching your clock and it gets later and later and finally one will manage to stop long enough to squeeze you on into the huddled masses and it can still take ages then and even on the next bus you transfer to in the city can take ages because the driver is (for once!) too darn polite and stops and lets every old lady and her dog on and slow down instead of speed up at yellow lights and just generally saunter its way down George Street until you're very nearly arriving at school after your students ...

It's been a bad run of it lately, these buses and I.  Then again, we've never exactly gotten on swimmingly.  But just when you think you've mastered them.  Nope.  Sneaky buggers always (always!) keep an ace up their sleeves.  And usually a few spare trumps to boot.

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Laetitia :-) said...

Do you get local 'public' holidays in another council area and have the PT operators decide that no-one in your city actually works (you must be either a dormitory suburb for the 'real' city or a bunch of dole bludgers) and therefore you won't mind if that day without warning you get given a weekend timetable (i.e. once an hour - if you're lucky) such that it would be quicker to actually walk to work and, if you're paid by the hour and have missed an hour, it would be considerably cheaper to catch a cab? Yeah - I'm just so in love with SE Qld's Translink right now, can't you tell?