Thursday, August 9, 2012

quicko: mid-range restaurants?

It was recently pointed out to me by an Australian that, while Americans have lots of chain mid-range sorts of restaurants (The Cheesecake Factory, Appleebee's, Fridays, etc.), there just isn't an equivalent in Australia.  There are fast food chains, but aside from that the restaurants are all privately owned.  How about that?


Andrew said...

That's interesting. I have never really noticed that, but there is a huge gap in the mid range chain restaurants in Australia. I think Australians probably link chain restaurants with cheap restaurants so i suppose it is hard to keep credibility if you are a restaurant and start branching out. Some Thai restaurants have achieved it, but not many others.

Laetitia :-) said...

It can depend on the state. I think it may be because certain business laws, particularly related to franchises, can be different between the states.

So there are mid-range restaurants in Qld that may not be / may be limited in uptake in other states (e.g. Montezuma's - 18 in Qld, 3 in SA and 1 each in NSW & Vic; Sizzler - the Aus arm bought out the USA arm in 2005 but then 6 years later sold the USA arm back to a USA firm - the two are now separate entities with all non-USA stores owned by the Aus arm. There are 19 in Qld, 5 in WA & 3 in NSW).