Wednesday, September 2, 2009

the saga continues

I thought Beaky and I were onto a fairly regular routine of evening bops at the glass, but this morning I found our relationship had progressed to an even higher level: he has, it appears, taken it upon himself to serve as my personal alarm clock as well. I awoke this morning to him rushing repeatedly headlong into the window.

But that wasn't all. Oh no, not at all. It seems that we are now also engaged in synchronized movement. That is, I looked up from the bathroom sink rather abruptly (having momentarily forgotten that Beaky also likes crashing into the bathroom window as well) and then walked at precisely the same time as he flew so that we then met again face to face two and a half seconds later.

I sat down at my desk and he sat down opposite on the windowsill and looked at me expectantly. I, having given him all my advice yesterday, found myself rather at a loss for words. But who saved the day? Brainy! It seems that Beaky has deemed her suitable enough to be presented to me now and she, with a merry long coo of welcome, suddenly besat herself on the sill next to Beaky. They were clearly both quite pleased with themselves and suddenly I realized that there were now two kookaburras gazing expectantly at me. I still had nothing profound to impart to them, but I assured them they were welcome to stay and watch me send my emails. They evidently found this amusing for awhile, but after a few minutes gave up and flew off to find funnier friends.

But it's okay. I'll know they'll be back tomorrow.

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