Tuesday, June 16, 2009

quicko: the big issue

This is my favorite magazine in Australia.
Actually, it's the only magazine I get, but that's really beside the point. It's a great one.

The Big Issue is sold by (I had to look this up to make sure I put it right) "people experiencing homelessness and/or long-term unemployment" and it's a way for them to earn a bit of cash (half the cover price of $5 per magazine) and "positively change their lives."

I won't say it's The Atlantic Monthly (not that I actually read it, though I feel guilty for not, which surely must count for something?), but it's much better than the magazines you pass at the grocery store in terms of content, and, obviously, social impact. Plus, you meet lots of friendly people selling the issues, have reading material for the bus and, well, everybody's happy!

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