Thursday, March 14, 2013

quicko: pseduo-bridal photos

It's a funny pet peeve to have, but I've been getting annoyed lately with all the brides I see around the Sydney Observatory.  Oh, it's not the real brides that bother me.  They're happy and glowing and perfectly entitled to be there.  It's the fake ones.

How do you know they're fake?  You know they're fake because you see them on a Tuesday afternoon.  Or a Wednesday.  Or a Monday.  With a groom, a photographer, perfect lighting and no one else.  Real brides come with entourages.  On weekends.  Regardless of it's perfect lighting or not, because they picked the day months prior when they couldn't guarantee it wouldn't rain at 5 pm.

No, the brides I see are the ones running about getting fake photos before the real event -- in fake dresses!!  Dresses that can be rented for the photo shoot (photos from which will most likely appear at the actual wedding, say, in the order of service or on placecards or something)!  For goodness sake, you want the real dress -- and that's why you take so many photos on the actual, real day!

I'm all for photos on real wedding days -- but no more of these highly orchestrated hoaxes.  When you see a girl in a bridal gown, you ought to be able to gush because you know she's a real bride -- not an imposter who's getting a whole 'nother day to herself two months down the track.

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