Wednesday, March 6, 2013

quicko: politics

I really don't get much into politics in any country, but the (belated) buzz here at the moment is that Australia is having a (gasp, shock, horror) 9-month election campaign.  Now to those of us used to there pretty much never being a non-campaign moment, it's not such a shock.  To Australians, however, who are used to much shorter (say a month or two I think?) election campaigns, this is torture of a monumental proportion.

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Laetitia :-) said...

Considering that whatever year the election is in is effectively a de facto months long campaign (mercifully shortened if the election is 'early' in the year) I'm not sure why people are surprised by it simply because the date has been announced but the relevant parliament has not yet been dissolved. We get annoyed by it because (a) our election periods are relatively short at 3 years for state and federal elections and (b) we've been recently inundated with electioneering coverage of another country (yours) despite it being something we can't participate in and therefore very boring for most of us - not sure why our media outlets feel the need to inflict it on us.

Also, because we have to get our names ticked off the electoral roll we can't really ignore it. As I may have said before, we are only obliged to get our names ticked off but, due to secret ballots, no-one can force us to actually vote for anyone...seriously considering it since they're all a rum lot.