Monday, March 4, 2013

quicko: health checks

The Australian term for physicals.  Here's the really intriguing thing, though:  they don't get them every year or even every other.  It's more, it seems, a recommended thing to do every ... so often?


Laetitia :-) said...

There's a few reasons for this:
(a) because of the Medicare scheme and (the possibility of) bulk-billing meaning you don't (always, depending on where you live) pay an arm and a leg for a check-up about an issue, we don't have too much compunction (other than not wanting bad health news) about going to a GP if we're ill so we don't feel the need to get an annual check to tell us we're tracking ok;
(b) a 'physical' is normally a much bigger undertaking where 'everything' (no just the ache-of-the-day) is checked. They are connected with getting a job or an insurance payment and, because of that, they take longer and are not bulk-billed.

Ashley said...

Found your blog! Good stuff, keep posting.

KIM said...

Thanks Ashley!! Will do :)