Friday, March 26, 2010

quicko: got to see a man about a horse

So I've never exactly understood this one (who knows, maybe we use it, too?) but it's something I've heard most often Friday afternoons at the pub. It's a euphemism for men going to the bathroom; I'm going play it safe and suggest it's along the lines of a woman going to "powder her nose." There's something else with iguanas? Lizards? but I don't quite remember how it goes. Sorry. Guess your homework's to hang out down the pub until you hear it firsthand.


Regina said...

The "see a man about a horse" thing is often used here, often when someone needs to make a retreat from a social situation but has no real excuse, the bathroom thing might fall into that category.
As far as toilets and lizards go, were you thinking of the common phrase "drain the lizard", that's what is sounds like to me.

Sam said...

There's also "Off to spend a penny" for the bathroom trip - and that's from way back when the loos were a penny to use. Do you guys say "spend a penny"? P.S. Love the sound of that book - will see if it's on Amazon! Thank you!