Friday, May 29, 2009

quicko: 125

For those of you don't know, it is only fitting that you learn from the kirribillikim blog that Kirribilli is, this week, 125! (Kirribilli, incidentally, is an Aboriginal word meaning "good fishing spot.") It's a marvelous thing, and my church, Church by the Bridge in the heart of Kirribilli, has been celebrating exuberantly. One of the coolest parts was an art contest (I Kirribilli) that featured current art work (paintings, photographs and sketches) of Kirribilli by local and not-so-local artists. It was a great display with a lot of talent, and slated to become an annual event.

Another highlight was the 125 banquet at an absolutely transformed Church by the Bridge -- it was gorgeous, decked out in long, white tables with rhinestone sparkles shimmering in candlelight as black butterflies fluttered overhead. Stunning dressed guests dazzled under the black and white theme of dress (not, ahem, fancy dress).

Alright, apologies; here ends the the glossy magazine montage. Seriously, though, it was lovely, wish you could have been there!!

Happy 125, Kirribilli!

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