Thursday, February 21, 2013

quicko: notes on australian culture

Three Strengths of Australian Character (generally speaking ...)

1.  Non-classist -- Australians are generally quite humble about their jobs, regardless of how good they are.  An Australian might have quite a good job and yet you wouldn't know until someone else mentioned it.  Particularly at pubs or in social settings, Australians come across as quite equal and on similar social footing, regardless of economic footing.

2.  Generous -- The number of Australians who have been particularly generous to me is really staggering, particularly in terms of offering rides, buying drinks and just generally making sure I've got everything I need.

3.  Friendly -- The American stereotype of Australians, but I've found it to be very true.  The vast majority of Australians are very friendly and usually quite happy to have a merry chat.

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