Wednesday, February 27, 2013

quicko: everything about australia

After well over four years of blogging cultural differences between America and Australia, I'm sure you've noticed that some days are juicier than others.  Today I was coming up with absolutely no further differences, so went to wikipedia to find a fun tidbit for you.  Turns out wikipedia knows a lot about Australia and I don't have the time to read it all.  I doubt you do either, but it'll make me feel better if I give you the link.  There.  Knock yourself out and don't complain my posts are only two sentences long.


Mom said...

I found it interesting that the discovery and settlement of Australia by Europeans came hundreds of years after America's. In fact, it looks like it wasn't until after our Revolutionary War that Great Britain even began to take note of Australia, and that Australia Day celebrates England arriving to colonize the country, whereas we celebrate our independence from Great Britain's rule.

Mom said...

Maybe you need more time in America to refresh your memory about what is typical here, as opposed to there. Too much time in that culture and the differences will become less obvious as you assimilate into it.