Saturday, February 23, 2013

quicko: don't vouch for this

I got a gift voucher (as they say here -- gift certificate for the Americans) for Max Brenner the other day.  Now Max Brenner is awesome and I could definitely use $50 there, but OUCH they do not make the fine print clear -- all of my $50 voucher had to be spent on one single occasion.  Thus, where I thought I had maybe 8 different visits for cups of hot chocolate, no siree.  Thank goodness I went with a friend.  Between the two of us, we ate 2 double Tutti Frutti Waffles and each took a hot chocolate (with extra marshmallows) home for later.  On the plus side, we managed to spend exactly $50 (the idea of having to spend even $51 in order to get to $50 when I only meant to spend $12 really rubbed me the wrong way, go figure).  So.  Lesson learned:  if you want to buy someone gift vouchers, read the fine print and purchase them in as small of denominations as possible.  (I seriously doubt Max Brenner sells them in $6 increments, though, which is unfortunate because that's pretty much how much most of their drinks cost.)

The chocolate was good, though.

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Mom said...

Over here in the USA we found that out about Max Brenner years ago when we looked into getting you a gift certificate for your birthday once. We figured it wouldn't make sense for you to eat $50 worth of even their good chocolate in one sitting, and that was the smallest denomination of gift certificate they offer.