Tuesday, October 30, 2012

update: further bus bloopers

--An issue that I haven't actually had, but have had the foresight to foresee ... when the bus is full at a stop and some people step outside to let other people off ... how likely is it that one of these days they're just not going to get let back on??  Entirely too likely for me to risk it, that's what.

--Just a reminder, the standard button issues.  Pressing them too early, pressing them too late, not knowing when to press them.

--10 minute bus wait in Neutral Bay morning rush!  Followed by 10 minute bus wait on George Street in the morning rush!  It was preposterous!

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Mom said...

At least you're not dependent on the subways in NYC right now. They are still under water. I heard that the few buses that are running in the city are packed full and stuck in traffic, not moving much at all.