Friday, October 12, 2012

quicko: what's huge in america; a flop in australia

Here begins an intermittent series of lists my co-workers have concocted to breathe life into this blog.  Their first contribution?  What's huge in America, but a flop in Australia.  As follows:

--Chick Filet (the store)
--huge turkey drumsticks
--Sizzler (came and failed here)
--American beer
--cheese in a can**

*Debatable.  There are lots of Starbucks around, but it was insisted to me that they are only in tourist areas.

**I insist this is also not big in America.  At least I really hope it isn't.

1 comment:

Mom said...

Spray cheese does exist in America, and has for decades; however, not at our house. It is not very healthy. I suppose it is a big deal for those who eat that kind of stuff, even though it is not something I like to admit to as something my country is known for.