Saturday, October 27, 2012

home is where jesus is

There's no where I feel more at home not at home than church.

I've just spent more or less an entire day hanging out at the launch of I Heart Kirribilli -- complete with Made Fair markets, an art exhibition, face painting and a sausage sizzle -- followed by worship with my church family and I'm absolutely exhausted, but there's no place I'd rather have been.

As an ex-pat living far from home, my church is my family here -- not because we share the traditional blood ties, but because we share the blood of Jesus.

Home is the place you can be grumpy and know that you're still loved.  It's where you can spend hours just talking to one person over a cup of tea with nothing else to do.  It's where you can just walk in and make a cup of tea with whatever you find in in the fridge.  It's where you can steal a cupcake when no one's looking.  It's where you eat.  And sleep and sing and learn and grow and love people and live together.  You come as you are.  You're home.

And I am so ridiculously proud of my church home here.  Church by the Bridge does an amazing job every year of engaging our community in relevant, meaningful ways like I Heart Kirribilli.  There's so much passion and love that goes into creating not only an amazingly classy week-long affair, but one that's focused on Jesus and inviting people in to share the good news of His love for them.

If you're interested, please stop by our art exhibition this week on Sunday from noon to 3 pm or any time Monday to Friday from 9 am to 9 pm.  (Thursday there is a prize night from 7:30 pm and Friday there is an open mic night called I Hear Kirribilli and dessert markets from 7 pm.  Access to the art may be limited at these times??)  Church by the Bridge is easy to find -- it's just across from the steps of the Harbour Bridge if you're walking or Milson's Point station if you come by train.  Or you could catch the 227, 228, 229 or 230 to Milson's Point.  Hope to see you there!

(Sorry, just to be clear, we're now all out of cupcakes.  And the markets were just for Saturday.  But inside there's lots of incredible art that's on display all week.  Check it out; you'll definitely be glad you did!)

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Mom said...

It looks like so much fun! Wish I was there to enjoy it.