Saturday, June 29, 2013

quicko: dropped off, off, off and away

As a general observation, I think Americans dropping people off (car to house) are much more likely to wait and see that the person opens the doors before they drive off.  Australians tend to drop and dash.  I think possibly it could depend on where in Australia you are, and also because it's a bit more catastrophic sometimes in America if you get accidentally locked out.  I don't know, not a hard and fast rule, just something I've noticed a bit.

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Laetitia :-) said...

It may be an "how you were brought up" thing. My mum always waits until the (ex-)passenger has opened their door (or turned on an internal light if they live in a flat where one can't see their door to know if they've got in) so I do the same.

Have you noticed any difference in behaviour of male vs female drivers relative to passengers? My guess is that if there's any difference it will be something like the driver being female and / or the passenger being female may lead to greater wait times. Of course, a male driver may not want to look like they he is stalking a female passenger by hanging around for a long time.