Thursday, January 24, 2013

update: further bus bloopers

The other day I had quite an adventure getting to Balmoral.  I knew I needed a 245, but the sign seemed to think there wasn't one due for about 40 minutes, which was ridiculous to wait in peak  hours traffic, as well as being a time somewhat after the event was supposed to start.  So I decided to jump anything that would take me to the top of the hill and walk down.  I cleverly passed up a 144 that said (of all the crazy things for a 144 -- which everyone knows is the Manly bus -- to do!) it was stopping at Spit Junction, knowing that wasn't far enough, in favor of a 247.  Completely forgetting that 247s also turn at Spit Junction.  Thankfully I remembered this just before and hopped off bus number one in time to grab another passing bus ... which also turned at Spit Junction!  I was reasonably furious as I hopped off bus number two, though my anger dissipated rather quickly when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a 257, also turning at Spit Junction, but actually on its way to, not the top of Balmoral hill, but Balmoral Beach!  It was frustratingly hard to stay angry at the last bus after this, and before you knew it I'd hopped off bus number three (of what should have been a one bus trip -- thank goodness I have a My Multi!) to be the first person to arrive at the picnic.

I got a friend to drive me home.

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