Sunday, January 27, 2013

quicko: the tennis

The Australian Open is on right now and, wow, I had no idea so many Australians were so interested in tennis.  Everybody seems to be watching it, talking about it and facebooking about it.  Evidently it's because it's the Australian Open instead of something like, say, Wimbledon.  But yeah.  Tennis is definitely the word on the street.

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MOM said...

I notice that lately you have been prefacing sports, i.e. cricket and tennis, with the word "the". That has to be an Australianism, since in the U.S. we never would refer to it as "the tennis". "The tennis match" or "the tennis ball" or "the tennis court", yes, but not ever just "the tennis." Of course, in America we rarely even hear of cricket other than in reference to a grasshopper like insect.