Monday, January 14, 2013

quicko: qantas

The main Australian airline.  I really like it -- especially flying trans-Pacific.  Friendly staff, TONS of good, recent movies and -- this is probably the highlight -- a little card you get at the beginning of your flight that tells you exactly when what amazing things are going to happen to you over the course of your flight.  For example, after an hour or two, you might get a meal!  And a couple hours after that, an eye mask and some socks!  And then a water bottle and a snack!  (Will it be pretzels or will it be peanuts?  The suspense is scintillating!)  And then another meal!  Then (this is less exciting), customs forms.  And finally, a Freshness Pack!  What more could you want on a plane than a mini-toothbrush a WetOne?!


Mom said...

I agree. What a wonderful airline. They love to bring you home to America to see your family, so they make it worth your while. When you go back to Australia, they also treat you nicely so that you will have that good memory firmly etched in your brain so that you will want to jump right back on their plane and come home to America again right away. Yes, you should do it again real soon. Quantas is waiting for you.

Laetitia :-) said...

Hahaha - 'Mom', you're hilarious - just move here. ;-) But just for the record this is one Aussie 'word' in which there is no 'u' as it's a contraction (Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services).

Do they still give out peanuts? I thought that most airlines had dispensed with peanuts due to the allergy risks and now give out something else (e.g. dried fruit 'preserved' with sulphides that also provide an allergy risk).