Saturday, December 1, 2012

the gift that certainly wasn't of the magi

I have a real problem around Christmas, and I'm feeling pretty sure it doesn't just happen to me.  It's exacerbated by some of my favorite online shopping haunts (ahem, ModCloth) and is really against everything I like to think I stand for, but, gosh, does anyone else find the best gift ideas for themselves in December?  Like constantly?

I was all set to send along a few pertinent details to my parents -- just as hints, of course -- when I remembered my mother has already very (amazingly) organize-dly (this is well and truly shocking if you know my mother) sent me all my presents for not only Christmas, but also my birthday in February.

Shipping is expensive, granted, and I'm thrilled to have so many little boxes waiting unopened in my closet, but ... now how am I going to justify the three dresses I've found that are really just plain perfect?  Well, one of them seems to be no longer available in my size, so potentially that's sorted itself out, but aside from it (and now, wow, do I want it!  I've thought of no less than three occasions it would have been perfect for, which would most definitely justify the previously shocking cost.  Sigh.), the justification is getting more and more difficult.

Thank goodness I'm up to difficult tasks.

And also took on a few extra hours at work this month.  Theoretically they're helping to pay for the week and a half I'm taking off at Christmas, but, well, you know.  Finances are meant to be creative creatures, right?

Alas, that is precisely where I got interrupted and left my train of thought about three days ago.  I'm sure this post was going somewhere, but I'm afraid you'll have to draw your own conclusions about where.

But if you'd like to get me a Christmas present, absolutely go ahead.  I've got a few suggestions if you need any.

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Mom said...

OK. Go ahead and send me your ideas, but no guarantees they will arrive in time for this Christmas.