Tuesday, December 4, 2012

quicko: chestnuts roasting on an open fire?

Okay, not that I've ever actually smelled chestnuts roasting on an open fire, but they're missing here.  As are various other smells.  Vanilla bean soaps and lotions, for instance.  All the stores back home would be bringing out their Christmas scents.  Or gingerbread lattes.  Which I don't drink and imagine Starbucks probably has here, but who else?  I can't remember if holly has a smell, but it's missing.  And whatever pomegranates and poinsettias and mistletoe would smell like.  There's so little Christmas baking going on -- there's supposed to be tons of ginger and cinnamon and spicy sorts of scents -- maybe even something like pumpkin (leftover from Thanksgiving if nothing else).  I get why -- it's summer here, and those aren't summer scents -- but when I say it just doesn't feel like Christmas here -- there's about a fifth of the reason why!  (The other four-fifths being missing sights, missing sounds (sleighbells!  carols!), tastes and feelings at large.  Plus just a generous portion of gut "this isn't really Christmas!!" feeling.)  It's nice here -- not saying I don't like things -- it just doesn't feel like Christmas.


Mom said...

I imagine that's the same kind of feeling that prompted the song, "oh there's no place like home for the holidays..."
Which, most likely, isn't being played in every store you walk into over there, either.

Crazyjedidiah said...

I guess that it depends what you are used to. If I was in the U.S. or U.k. then I would find it all wrong as well, seeing I have grown up in Australia.