Wednesday, October 2, 2013

quicko: airlines

Qantas is obviously the Australian airline -- originally an acronym for Queensland and Northern Territory ... Air Service?  Something like that.  It's quite nice and $82 later I am officially a frequent flyer (and got one "free" flight to Darwin out of my latest foray to America, so I think it's worth it!  Paid for itself already.)

Jetstar ... I wish I could say something nice about Jetstar.  It's the cheap airline and Garry and I fly it roughly constantly because ... it's cheap.  (By which I mean not that it's actually cheap, but that it's less egregiously overpriced than the others.)  It flies into and out of Darwin at weird times (2 am anyone?) and cancels flights only when there's a really good reason ... or there might be a storm coming ... or the pilot had a cough ... or they ran out of $15 sandwiches to sell ... or they heard I had work and thoughtfully tried to get me out of it for the day ... but other than that, yeah, they're great.  Oh, except of course customer service, but, ha, nobody does customer service these days, that's so 1950s!

There's also Tiger, which has injured itself so badly (and is probably even worse than Jetstar) I won't pour further lemon juice on its wounds.

Virgin I think is decent?  I've never taken it here because, well, they're not the cheapest.

Anybody want to donate me a plane?  A small one would be fine, used is okay.  No fancy requirements, just a simple little one with its own pilot who likes the Darwin Sydney route in particular and is available most weekends?  Anybody?

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Laetitia :-) said...

With that schedule, maybe you should investigate getting a private pilot's licence? :)