Sunday, October 13, 2013

photo: all dressed up for a real date :)

We don't get to have real dates very often, so I get quite excited when we do!  I got spoiled and taken to Ten Litchfield, which is a lovely local Darwin restaurant run by a man named Tim.  Garry got crocodile so I could try some but not have to eat too much of it -- so now I can officially say I've eaten crocodile!  There was also a baby freshwater crocodile in an aquarium at the entrance, which I looked at, but still found disconcerting despite Garry's assurances that a freshie would "only" grow to 3 meters (roughly 3 yards) and never be big enough to kill me.  I'm still not convinced I'd ever want to encounter a 3 yard-long reptile with a jaw and a vast array of incisors, no matter how harmless it was ... the one in the tank was closer to a foot and I was still quite happy to say hello from a glass-encrusted distance.

Besides its pet, Ten Litchfield also regularly has a magician/sleight of hand artist coming table to table to perform various tricks.  We saw two card tricks ... one more impressive than the other, though we'd both worked out how both of them worked by the time he left our table.  It was still fun though and definitely a great date!


Laetitia :-) said...

Very nice.
And the freshwater croc's are less aggressive than saltwater ones. Of course, just because you see it in freshwater, doesn't mean it's not a salty. ;)

Mom said...

Sweet photo.
How does the crocodile compare, taste-wise, with the alligator that we had here one New Year's Eve, courtesy of Uncle Joe? Does it also taste a bit gamey and marshy?
For what it's worth, I did taste some octopus that Barb ordered in Spain recently.