Thursday, July 4, 2013

happy fourth of july!!

Happy Fourth of July!!

I was scheduled to work, but got let off early at the last minute, leaving me with no time to plan any holiday festivities.  Instead, a few friends came over to play cards.  I decided to be all American and offer them marshmallows.  It turns out Australians hate American marshmallows.  They are slightly more interested in watching them poof up in the microwave (Australian ones don't do that), but still seem to think they're disgusting.  At least I got them to admit that they're different!  (After years of Australians asking how the heck a marshmallow could be different ... they can be!  They don't all come in bags with half of them pink for one thing!)

Anyway, after that Kiril decided to humor me and treated me to the best hand display of "fireworks" I've ... well, ever, seen.  We all joined in for the grand finale, which was ... special ... though, rather lacking in ... actual fireworks.

Maybe next year.

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