Friday, November 9, 2012

quicko: caring for your ex-pat

It recently was brought to my attention that most people who haven't been ex-pats or close friends with ex-pats haven't got a very thorough concept of what ex-pats go through.  I've been thinking I'd like to write up a bit on the topic, but this is very much just my initial brainstorm.  There's so much to consider and think about and I'm just barely scratching the surface here, but I figure the first thing to do is simply to be aware of the issues ex-pats face.  Working out how exactly to help ... well, let's leave that for another day for now.  For starters:

Things That May Be Difficult for Ex-Pats

I.  Physical
   A.  Government/Visas
   B.  Money
         1.  Expenses
              a.  Plane tickets home
              b.  International phone/communication costs
              c.  Work restrictions can lead to less income
         2.  Navigating differences
              a.  Exchange rates
              b.  Differences in banks/accounts/etc
              c.  Getting money transferred
              d.  Taxes/international taxes
   C.  Medical
   D.  Moving
   E.  Employment
   F.   Phones/internet
   G.  Culture/habits/what is "obviously" the "right" way for things to happen
   H.  Stupid "little" stuff
         1.  The light bulbs don't change the same way
         2.  Organizing time to talk with friends back home
         3.  Time zones/daylight savings time/etc.
II. Emotional
    A.  Missing family/friends
    B.  Not having a network of family/friends -- having to build it up
    C.  Everything under "physical" creates STRESS! and is actually emotional as well

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Mom said...

It's interesting that even despite all the difficulties, some people choose to leave their native land (including family and friends) to go live somewhere else just because it is another place, and somewhere they have not lived previously, where people speak with different accents and the geography and climate are unlike that with which said person is familiar. Sometimes despite all the difficulties, they just choose to up and go anyway. I wonder why?