Sunday, July 1, 2012

quicko: pros

Having just spent a month abroad, and half of it in the U.S., I figured a list of pros of both places makes sense.  I have a feeling I might have mentioned some of these before ... possibly repeatedly ... but hey.  I've been on vacation.  You should be happy just to get a break from all those photos!  So, without further ado:

--work-life balance
--4 weeks annual leave
--more ability to travel
--dates written reasonably
--tax built into prices
--tipping non-essential
--higher education paid for by government
--public transportation
--cool money

--floors in elevators numbered reasonably
--easy to have pets
--more cities
--more cultural events
--celebrate holidays fully
--can eat, shop, etc. 24/7
--easy to have a car
--hay rides and pumpkin patches
--college campus experience
--good passport to have

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Mom said...

Although most of these are reasonable, I do wonder how much is colored by the fact that for all but the nine months you spent in Massachusetts, your time in America was as a child or student, whereas most of your adult work life has been spent on foreign soil. I'm sure American singles in apartments in cities have just as much difficulty in having a pet; Australians are probably not so enamored of their accents as you are, but might find a Brooklyn accent or Southern drawl more intriguing than you do. Never having lived in a major American city, and having a car of your own when you were on your own, you are unfamiliar with our public transportation system, since you have never had to rely upon it. Maybe it is easier to own a car here; I think travel is very easy in the US. We have good highways, railways, airlines, and bus service to just about anywhere. There is no limitation as to where we can go or when we can go, same as Australia. Some even think America has nice scenery and actually go so far as to travel to our country to visit our national parks. So, I'm just saying that what enamors you because it is exotic, may be just the norm for natives, whereas if they traveled halfway around the world, they might find just as much to talk about regarding what you would call humdrum. Your experience here is limited to what a young person under her family's care would experience, which, of course, is never as good as somewhere else. However, it is your homeland, and you always do have a place here to return to if you want, where you will be welcomed with open arms.