Tuesday, July 17, 2012

quicko: pantyhose

America, 10.  Australia, 0.

Sheer (ha!) number of pairs that worked from each country recently.  Possibly slightly biased.  And approximated.  Artistic license, for goodness sake!

But really.  American pantyhose are that much more sheer (i.e., look better and don't get as crinkled around the ankles, giving you that elderly doddery lady look).  They get runs (er, ladders) pretty much all the time, so I regard them as one-time use creations, but they're so much cheaper, it works out about even.

Which might lead you to argue that the numbers should be, say, 10-10.

But you'd be wrong.

Because American pantyhose are better.  Artistic license, case closed.

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Yvette Niesel said...

I agree that American pantyhose are better. And in my opinion, they last longer. I can wash them over and over and they'll last. The Australian ones that I've worn usually don't last more than two wears. I find the Australian ones scratchy, too. Not fun to wear... :(