Saturday, April 25, 2015

quicko: ANZAC day

Today is ANZAC Day in Australia, which is a holiday to commemorate those who lost their lives in war.  Its particular focus is those who died in Gallipoli in the First World War, and today is the 100th anniversary of this tragedy.  There are dawn services and marches every year; here are some photos from Darwin's march this morning.  I found it impressive that in a town of 120,000, there were 10,000 at the dawn service (and I'm guessing a similar number at the march?) -- 1/12 of the town!  Even though Darwin is small, it is a capital city so it has many important features that other cities of its size wouldn't.  It has a huge army base, and in today's march we saw the Australian navy, army, air force and American marines (second to last photo).  The march was actually mostly made of up all these regiments -- of which there were quite a lot.  There were a few army bands (note the tuba -- not a sousaphone!) and such, and a few veterans, and a few kids at the end in Girl Guides and Scouts, and a few huge army tanks that were a bit terrifying, and a few flyovers, but mostly it was lots and lots of servicemen.  Lest we forget.

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Mom said...

It is nice to see a town with patriotism, celebrating a national holiday's true meaning with enthusiasm.