Friday, May 10, 2013

public service announcement: messina is amazing

If you haven't already been to Messina, you've really got to go -- it's the best gelato I've ever had outside of Messina -- no, really, I actually had a gelato in Messina, Italy, and this really rivals it.  Honestly I think it's probably better -- it certainly has more flavors (changing all the time!) and is the best priced ice cream (ish substance) I've found in Sydney.  It's amazing!!

(This is me at Messina.  I realize you might not have made that connection so I've obligingly spelt it out for you:  Messina.  Kim.  Amazing.  Read that as you will.)

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Mer said...

Yes... The best... My house is positioned almost in the centre of two. I had the mushroom gelato cake once for my b-day. Yum and cute.