Sunday, April 11, 2010

quicko: australian actors

I never would have thought it possible to have an H name and still be hot before I considered Australian actors. To kick off the list,

--Hugh Jackman
--Hamish Blake (is he an actor? never mind.)
--Heath Ledger (he is dead? never mind.)

The ladies, of course, are most notably

--Nicole Kidman
--Cate Blanchett

And others who are famous enough that I've heard of them (goodness knows this list wouldn't be long even if it were for Americans!)

--Eric Bana
--Jesse Spencer

And honorable mention

--Russell Crowe (actually Kiwi, but grew up in Oz)
--Naomi Watts (actually English, but grew up in Oz)
--Mel Gibson (his mother was Australian)


Garry with 2 Rs said...

A few notes:

We only claim Russel Crowe when he’s making awesome movies. When he’s throwing telephones at hotel concierges, he’s relegated to Kiwi.

You forgot Hugo Weaving.

Hamish Blake? Hot? Really?

Mel started out as an Australian, but you guys can have him. Send him back when he stops being a a drunken racist womanising so-and-so. We don't have any of them here.

KIM said...

Never had heard of Hugo Weaving until now. Turns out he is kind of famous. Hamish is definitely hotter, though.

Garry with 2 Rs said...

How can you not have heard of Hugo Weaving? The Matrix? The Lord of the Rings? Did they have these movies in America?

I suppose you have no idea who Geoffrey Rush is either ;)

KIM said...

Eerrrrrgg. I do now, viva la IMDB. Was that sarcastic or not?

Garry with 2 Rs said...

Oh, sorry, I thought we were just naming famous Australian actors. If they have to be hot...

Sam Worthington. Tragically his name doesn't start with H.

KIM said...

Perhaps he could change it. Hadn't heard of him, either, though.

List is for any Australian actor/actress, I just was amazed how many of the few I knew (before tonight) were hot and H-y.

And, incidentally, Hugo was born in Nigeria and is not hot, Geoffrey is not hot and Sam was born in England. I still stand by my original three.

Sam said...

You forgot Simon "The Mentalist" Baker!!!! How could you forget that cute blondie!!!!

Laetitia :-) said...

Toni "Muriel's Wedding / Sixth Sense / United States of Tara" Collette?

Rachel Griffiths?